About This Site

I have run a home server for many years.  I have also run all types of software packages on them, including all types of CMS.  I could always find fault with them, though.  Over the years I have learned a great deal about running servers and website coding.  Once I came across a flat file database by the name of chaozzDB, I decided to create my own CMS, this one.  It has a huge number of options available in Admin, and I have now included the chaozzForum to boot.  Within Admin I can inject content directly into the forum.  In fact, full control of the forum will pass to the CMS Admin in time, I should think.  The main reason for the creation of the CMS was to display my short stories (see below).

I have always enjoyed reading, though, not so much writing.  My first foray into the writing world was The Fractured Man.  I suddenly had the idea for the story, more or less out of the blue.  I have suffered from a somewhat similar condition as depicted in the story, which has plagued me for most of my life.  I wrote the story quite effortlessly.  OK, it had to have a considerable number of rewrites, grammar checks, and so on, but the gist of it came to me without too much soul-searching, or periods of writer's block or anything.  It seems I have a fervent imagination that I can dip into at will, which is dead handy for writing.  Since the first story, I have written many more, and, I think, I will write others.  At this moment in time, though, with the way the world is at present, I am struggling to move away from the depressing aspects of society, which is why I wrote Evil Personified, a somewhat tongue in cheek, blown up out of all proportion view of all I see unfolding around me (without referring to the virus).  Although seemingly nonsensical, I wouldn't wonder if there was more than a grain of truth in amongst it all.  I might well move on from short story writing to have a crack at a full novel quite soon.  I feel that I might be ready to take on the challenge.

Basically, the main site is for my ramblings, whereas the forum (now implemented) will cover all sorts, not that anyone will join the thing, though.

I hope you find some of my stories somewhat entertaining.

Thanks for visiting.