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Topic: Ambush of French Firemen, Police with Firebombs and Fireworks Lasted Four Hours
posted on 2022-08-05 03:46:50 Post ID: 856

El cóctel Molotov es arma imprescindible en la defensa urbana de ciudadanos

Getty Images

Police and firefighters in the French city of Limoges were subjected to attacks by Molotov cocktails and mortar fireworks for at least four hours this week after being lured to a “sensitive” area of the city.

The four-hour-long battle between locals and police and firefighters took place over the course of Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The assaults took place in the district of Val de l’Aurence, which is described as being a “sensitive” area, French government jargon for what others in Europe might term a ‘no go zone’.

The attacks came after firefighters were alerted to a car that had been set on fire at around 11 pm, and soon found themselves being attacked by around a dozen individuals before police then arrived on the scene as well, the newspaper Le Figaro reports.

“It was a real ambush, the attackers obviously wanted to fight,” a source told the newspaper and claimed that the attack looked well-prepared.

During the four-hour battle, at least one driver of a vehicle attempted to ram into officers before being stopped by non-lethal rounds which broke the car windshield and then saw the driver flee the scene.

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