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Topic: The Determined Runner
posted on 2022-01-28 18:40:18 Post ID: 7

About 'The Determined Runner' ...

About me, innit ;) . The build up to my first race win in Porthcawl (such a long time ago!). An attempt to put into words the whyfors and reasoning behind it all. An early work.

14. The Determined Runner

All it takes are a few items of clothing and a pair of trainers to open the door to all manner of wonderful, life-changing scenarios. On top of this, it is so easy to meet like-minded individuals who could become life long friends. Even apart from the health benefits, running can have an immense and positive affect in all manner of ways on a person's lifelong journey.

Here we have a young, lean man in his early twenties. A man with more energy that he knows what to do with, literally bursting at the seams at times. What better way to dissipate some of this potentially destructive liveliness than to take up a sport? It worked on so many levels, providing some stability both physically and mentally. It might not be a sport for all, but it was ideal for this one, excitable loner.

The long weekend run was something he really looked forward to. A marathon attempt was to be made so it was essential his body could handle the stress of so many miles ran at one time. With this in mind a run of over 20 miles would be undertaken on some weekends, enough to take him on a sight seeing tour. By this time running was so effortless he literally covered such a distance as if a tourist, taking in all the sights and sounds a traveller welcomes; it was, by far, the best way to travel. The race time he achieved on the day was not that important to him as he didn't have sufficient knowledge to gauge his performance. Had he known, he would have become aware of rubbing shoulders with some pretty classy club runners. For a long while he had held the pace, only to slow in the latter stages, though still finishing in a decent time of 3 hours 10 mins.

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