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Topic: I Am Not Lonely!
posted on 2022-01-28 18:47:37 Post ID: 11

Bill was a proud man - a strong man, and had much to celebrate about his long life, except he had no-one to share his past memories with. His health was fine. No problem carrying out his household duties and by all accounts this would be the case for many years to come, but for a while now a nagging, no, not so much nagging, a niggling headache bothered him, but he could tell it wasn't so much physical as cerebral in nature - as if an idea was attempting to break free from imposed restrictions.

Periods of inactivity compounded the issue, where the unease would grow to such an extent a heaviness would descend upon him, disturbing him all the more. What could be the reason for this malaise? Bill, not being one for heavy contemplation - more of an action man, failed to grasp the meaning behind associated memories which entered his daily thoughts at such times, shrugging off as best he could the uncomfortable weight of the impending threat to his health (as he surmised it to be) by carrying out some DIY task or other. There was something about the disturbance which bothered him on a level he was not at all comfortable with. It would come to him in time he reasoned, having a sneaking suspicion the conclusion would be greatly upsetting. Not right then though as he had some gardening to do and the car to polish. It would have to wait, wishing more than anything it would go away altogether of its own accord.

Pictures adorned the fireplace where Bill's eyes would drift more often than not when sitting in his favourite chair. TV programs no longer kept his attention for long, though he still enjoyed the occasional film or documentary. His wife used to be the TV buff in the household. She would park herself down on the sofa in great expectation, being completely immersed in the developing characters and their daily struggles in her favourite sitcoms. He could imagine her sitting there all the more these days and it brought a little tear to his eye each and every time. Funnily enough Bill was never one to show his feelings yet his thick skin had definitely thinned as of late - with regard to certain memories anyway. On the one hand he disliked feeling emotional but on the other loved to imagine Emily alive and well revelling in some sub plot whilst eating a biscuit and drinking a cup of tea. His emotional well being was caught between a rock and a hard place and it was dragging him down. He was out of his depth and he knew it.

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