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Travel 2018

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Not much of a traveller

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#1 | Posted: 20 Nov 2018 12:03 | Edited by: Admin 
The most travelling I carried out was to purchase a student rail ticket, don a rucksack on my back and head out for Europe when I was a young man in my twenties. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I figured it was enough. I wasn't so much venturing out to look at the sights as to mix with the locals.

Wonderful way to travel though. Not sure what it is like these days or even if such tickets can still be purchased, but at that time I could jump on any train and head out wherever I wished.

What struck me about the whole affair was how different people were in each and every country. One door would close and another would open as I crossed a border to be faced with completely different looks and mentalities. This was a revelation to me and I loved the stark contrasts.

I was only awol for about a month. I slept in a train station once surrounded by the dregs of society it seemed - drunks and the like, with machine gun toting guards on duty. The rest of the time I stuck to campsites, which in itself was exciting as you never knew who you would meet.

The trip got me out of a right rut as I was forced to communicate. Prior to the trip I was so introverted it was painful to see. I was afraid of my own shadow. After the trip, where I had been forced to chat to people - asking for directions and so on, I was much improved.

The trip more or less did if for me with regard to travelling as I came to the conclusion life was pretty much the same wherever you went, in that you had to earn a living wherever you lived to provide yourself with the basics of life. Also people were kind of the same too with the same emotional struggles and requirements .

I remember becoming homesick only to realise it would take days to reach home. When I eventually set foot in my town I somehow expected it to be different, but no, it was the same. Still, home sweet home. I was glad to be home in one way but not so in another. Such is travelling I suppose.
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