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A Money Making Government?

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#1 | Posted: 5 Oct 2018 07:56 | Edited by: Admin 
Here is an idea that has crossed my mind lately, with regard to the future of Western Civilisation: could Robotics shape a new futuristic society where Governments could actually make money instead of draining it away? Bit of a heady topic for sure.

The turmoil we have at present - and this has been going on for many a year - is between the haves and the have-nots. You could say a change is needed - a fundamental change at a grass root level. Capitalism is looked on as being outdated and some other system needs to be implemented. The lefties, of course, who know no better and lack forethought, scream for a system THEY think holds the answer - Communism. For goodness sake though - that way lies death and stagnation for all; eventually, though, it could well be adopted by using robots as a means of production, but we have to make do with something else in the meantime.

The age of the robot is fast approaching. They have developed robots to pick fruit - make cars - run hotels. Robots, with a bit of ingenuity, can be made to do a great many repetitive tasks. Why then, since robots are uncomplaining and will work around the clock day in and day out, couldn't Governments create automated factories instead of always waiting for the private investor? The drudgery and coercion related to Communism wouldn't apply in this case. To begin with the goods could be sold to make a profit, but who can say in the future such goods couldn't become free?

The future, where few have to work, could be just around the corner with a bit of imagination; or at least there could be lot more money for the less well off and vital services in the short term. Capitalism could be put to bed eventually. Robots could well be our salvation.

Just an idea that has been niggling me brain for a day or so. Needs developing and expanding upon, but I think there is definitely a powerful germ of an idea there. I shall give it a lot more thought for sure.
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