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Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 16 Oct 2018 08:43 | Edited by: Admin 
This video can be found on YouTube. As I like to read both sides to a story I do not fight shy of watching movies considered controversial in nature. This movie is considered as such. I don't know much about the movie at all. I became aware of it from reading comments on a book I might well be reading soon: 'Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany'. Both the book and the video could well be very one-sided, but again I emphasise the need to see both sides to an argument. I posted a link to the video on my Facebook page only to receive a comment stating the video wasn't available in the UK!

I surf the net using a VPN service - Virtual Private Network - PureVPN. When I log in I can choose a particular country to appear from (I log in to their computer and to all intents and purposes I then appear to be from that country wherever I might be on the net as my IP Address changes to suit). When checking I was logged into a Netherland computer and because of this I could see the video. Now I must ask why people in the Netherlands can see a particular video and people in the UK can't? Are we in the UK much more vulnerable that Netherland folk? or just considered stupid in comparison? Why does the UK have stronger censorship laws? I find this sort of thing unsettling. Anyway if you want to see such a video you will need to use a VPN service as I do apparently (PureVPN seems pretty good to me). Astonishingly the video is over 6 hours long!

I will add the video here but you will need to use a VPN service to view it if you reside in the UK.

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