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Where Are The Good Films?

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 7 Oct 2018 07:53 
Bo-yo boy-o boy - the state of movie making these days. I attempted to watch a few movies last night but each was absolutely dire. I thought for sure a safe bet would have been the remake of 'Murder on the Orient Express'. Christ was I wrong about that. A start studded production with a script written by some blinkered, leftwing nutcase, full of crappy political correctness and trying above all else to instil today's supposedly superior values on viewers by rewriting everything to do with the past. Absolutely cringe-worthy. On top of that Hercule Poirot had the most absurd moustache I have ever seen - it was the focal point of the whole film for me. An absolute disaster of a movie.

After the above I attempted to watch Dunkirk. What? I gave up once again. Where are these film makers coming from? They sure as hell don't appear to be well educated in film making subtleties. Let's face it 'they' are employing people to make films to brainwash people into being satisfied with the banal and the silly.

Have you watched many of the TV series these days - or series on Amazon for instance? Many are of the most disgusting sort - even some for kids! Dead bodies all over the place and the most gratuitous form of violence shown right from the off - and on top of that the 'baddies' are becoming the 'goodies' now.

I despair. Holywood and the rest of the disgusting media producing establishment needs a complete overhaul. They are undermining all that is good in people. Should they be allowed to carry on regardless? I think not. There must be some form of control. Leaving it to market forces seems to be an abject failure as these terrible films are hyped to hell and back on release. They hoodwink people into believing the hype. People then think there is something wrong with them when they find the film a complete contradiction and so alter their own mindset to suit. A dangerous practice.

Society is becoming sicker by the day and a lot of it is to do with the stuff above.
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