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IG Stockbroker Demo Share Platform

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 23 Oct 2018 17:33 | Edited by: Admin 
It seems the more you know the more you get confused.

I dabbled with share trading 18 months ago and was fairly successful for a period of time. Eventually my money became locked in shares which had dipped in price and I was reluctant to sell. Keep or sell either way you could consider this a failure. Since then I have watched numerous videos and considered lots of scenarios. Putting such thoughts into practice though is a whole different ball game.

Before I managed to make some money I lost some Spread Betting. Exciting stuff, but again I had no real idea what I was doing. After consideration though Spread Betting IS share trading. I mean if you stick to stock as your choice of trade then the only way to make money is to successfully forecast the stock movement. OK, you have leverage and all sorts at your disposal but even so the fundamentals appear to be the same. With this is in mind I have returned to IG. I now have $25,000 in my Demo Spread Betting account to play with as I please. If I can make it grow using the same stocks I would like to trade with using REAL MONEY then surely this demo account will prove me right or wrong. Only time will tell.

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