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Money 2018

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2 companies worth considering

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#1 | Posted: 18 Oct 2018 12:09 | Edited by: Admin 
Share Update!

Doh. Got fed up waiting for Solgold. Had a chance to sell for a few grand profit but didn't take it. When the price fell again I decided to get out. Made a small profit which was pitiful. The bloody share price has since gone up a hell of a lot more so my initial forecast on how the share price would behave was sodding well correct. I am out of Solgold for now but I might well buy in again - though at a much higher figure obviously. Missed out on £1000s. Such is the name of the game. Anyhoo - where do you get share price data from?

I have had all sorts of screens open to analyse stocks. It became bewildering. I have decided to take the plunge and pay for a service. I have been using their FREE service for a while but now it costs me £12 a month for REAL TIME reporting. Tell you what though I am well sorted with this outfit as everything I need is all there for the asking. I use the charts with this company dealing in only LSE stock prices (London Stock Exchange) and use The Share Center as my stock broker. If you ever decide to follow suit then these 2 could be worth a shot as both are well respected - and when it comes to Stock Brokers you have to be very careful.

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