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I only managed a few miles today.  There was far too much food in my belly for me to run easy.  I find this is always the case after a bit of a break from running, in that my diet has altered in the meantime.  I don't mean I indulge in all sorts of crap, but I do tend to eat more and at odd times of the day.  I have never been able to run when my stomach is overburdened, so I need to ease up again on the food intake.  Apart from my belly I didn't feel too bad.  I am a bit stupid to let my fitness suffer so much in the winter, but then again, who does keep it going through the cold and rain - or snow?  I used to, but those days are long gone.  Still, I can get in pretty good shape fairly quickly and should from here on in.

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I need to get out and about.  I have been spending so much time on my backside on this sofa I am beginning to develop a sore bum.