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PUBLISHED: 01:47, 22 November 2021 UPDATED: 02:57, 22 November 2021

Tottie Goldsmith has revealed she's in hospital after suffering Covid symptoms.

The actress and singer, 59, shared a video from her hospital bed on Sunday, in which she disclosed that despite her first rapid antigen test coming back negative, she subsequently tested positive for Covid.

In her post, the niece of Olivia Newton-John warned Australians against the effectiveness of rapid antigen tests.

'Lesson: negative rapid test… test again!' wrote the veteran entertainer.

In her video, Tottie said she first believed she had a cold before taking her initial test, which came back negative to Covid-19.

Her symptoms then developed into a 'crazy' headache that 'felt like I'd just drunk a bottle of Scotch' the night before.

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