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What if I told you that people have been needlessly suffering and dying from diseases like cancer, aids, Lyme disease and a virtually endless list of viral and bacterial infections?

What if I told you that an inexpensive and effective chemical remedy exists, and that remedy has been silenced, falsely discredited and hidden from the world?

What if I told you that there was undeniable evidence, as well as countless testimonies of its safe use and powerful effectiveness.

Would you be willing to learn the truth?

The news media calls it a poisonous bleach and the Food and Drug Administration says that it's a dangerous toxic chemical and harmful to humans.

Yet not that long ago, NASA researchers proclaimed it to be a universal antidote and more recently thousands of physicians in Central and South America have used it with 100% effectiveness against COVID-19.

The above is but a part of the introduction to 'The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Guidebook', the likes of which can be viewed and downloaded from below ...

Interactive Reference Guidebook PDF Download ...

The 1 hr 50 minute documentary mentioned in the interview can be viewed below, or you can visit the Universal Antidote website itself here ...


The Universal Antidote Documentary