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Let's throw all sorts of conspiracy theories together to see what we can come up with regarding this Covid-19 lark.

The flu has been a killer throughout history.  IT KILLS PEOPLE and always has done.  It has wiped out villages and plagued humanity for goodness knows how long - 1000s of years.  Old, young and in between have all fallen foul of this illness.  It is only in recent times has this illness been somewhat tamed, but not by vaccines but by effective treatments and improved living standards.  100s of 1000s of people still die from this illness each and every year even now, or they were before Covid-19 appeared on the scene.  This is the first point I would like to make.

Big Pharma has attempted to push pandemics in the past, in the not-so-distant past at that.  We have had Swine Flu (they wiped out all the pigs to combat this) - Hong Kong Flu - Asian Flu - and a few others besides.  Each time there was a push to label these and others as pandemics.  We didn't fall for them then though, but this time?

Global Warning - Climate Change - Agenda 2030 - The Great Reset are all interlinked.  We now have bodies of people (Big Corporations and their paid accomplices) who have decided they want a new approach to everything.  A new way of living.  They are revelling in the fact the cities are now much quieter, CO2 levels have plummeted.  We are all under more or less house arrest as a consequence, which they want and like.  In the meantime, their fortunes are rising rapidly, competitors are falling by the wayside (small business) and real control over humanity is now in the palm of their hands, more or less.

 Let's look at psychology now.  There have been studies whereby people have been made to believe they were ill.  Made to believe they could and would catch something even though there wasn't any bug out there at all.  What happened?  People ended up in the hospital convinced they were sick.  Convinced they had the symptoms of this illness.  Mass hysteria from very little propaganda type material.  

The vaccine now.  Developed in no-time flat?  Really?  The usual 5-15 year trial period condensed in less than a year?  How very convenient.

Let's not forget about certain individuals who are very much involved in Big Pharma and vaccination forecasting a pandemic would arise on the scene.  How these individuals, along with their Big Pharma connections, prepared for this eventuality.   

So, let's put all these together and we could come up with this hypothesis ...

1. There is no virus.  It is influenza and influenza only.

2.  There is no vaccine.  It is a concoction of goodness knows what.  It could well be a simple saline solution.

Using the number of points I have raised it could be possible to completely hoodwink the entire world.  Big Pharma and all the hangers-on would be awash with dosh (and are).  Society will and is being changed to suit the new agenda.  No real threat as there isn't any real virus.  

The above could be true, but of course, very unlikely

And I even haven't mentioned that there could be a depopulation agenda!  With the whole world and its dog to be vaccinated?  A perfect setup for this and far more besides.