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They have to do something about the US (and here). It is just a crazy train. We are bereft of substance. Devoid of direction. We have very few guiding principles left if any. Morals, ethics have been completely upended and common sense has left the building a long while back.

What can be more racist than the above? No mention of whether pupils are suitable for the course or are of the right sort, but that colour is somehow the defining factor in who gets to study the course. This madness is even infecting our own UK schools. At one time only the brightest would be given the chance to further their education in various ways, but now this is considered unfair and the colour of a person's skin is taking precedence, with the brightest (if white) being sidelined - pushed aside. We sure are living in heavily racist times - RACIST AGAINST WHITES - and it needs to damn well stop.