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Bill Gates Bill Gates Bill Gates Bill Gates Bill Gates

The man is everywhere and into everything. He certainly has his eyes on the world's food sources now. Vaccines for all and control over what we eat. This makes me feel uneasy, to say the least.

Capitalism? We don't have it as such any longer. What we have is philanthropic capitalism (I mentioned this some time ago and so has the woman below), which is where moneybags such as Bill Gates control all aspects of the market including all the associated bodies around it, such as the media.

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The trouble with the above is that Bill Gates is not acting alone. Nearly 3000 heads of business - heads of states - celebrities - politicians - oligarchs - moguls attended the Davos meeting, all paying homage to the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab (The Great Reset theorist). The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. We are in the very early stages of it, being imposed off the back of the Covid-19 crisis. These people genuinely intend to reshape all society, from the ground up. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING was the opening salvo of their promotional video, but some will - the ones attending the Davos meetings. We are to be stripped of ownership - choice - and be watched closely 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with the emphasis on the 'we', as in not them.


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We are in a right pickle with the likes of this lot overseeing our progress from here on in. They are ruthless in the extreme. Is there a depopulation agenda? Think about it. The logical conclusion to all that ails us - the world at large - is that there are too many of us. Well then, if you are in the company of logical thinkers, what is the solution they would come to? I mean, it sure as hell enters my head that there are far too many of us. A trip on the motorway and along a short stretch of the M25 sure drills that point home. With access to everyone's body more or less on the cards now one way or another everything is set in place should we be marked down for some sort of cull.

If 'they' see themselves as the saviours of humankind, what do they see us as being then? A problem? Yet they can't exist without us, but they can certainly exist with just enough of us. This could well be the conclusion they have come to - robots and X number of human beings to keep things ticking over, but certainly not billions of us, possibly half a billion or so.

With robots, AI (artificial intelligence), centralised control and automated everything under the sun, a great many of us will be made redundant - as in having no chance of being of any worth to society, with zero job prospects. What then is the point of us?

No stopping them now. We are in for a hell of a rollercoaster of a ride from this point onwards. One thing after another will hit us until they have everything in place.

Even if I am wrong (I probably am) the point I am making here is that these people have the power to pull this off. Totally unelected, carrying on regardless, affecting the world in unimaginable ways. They now have the clout to affect every aspect of our lives, and governments are nearly powerless to stop them, in fact, many politicians on their books and are all for it.

I know one thing, people are calling for something different from capitalism, but the thing is we already have it. The end product of capitalism is a centralising of power and wealth. The free market is no longer a free market as certain moguls can and are controlling every aspect of it. We either take power from them (and how the hell are you going to do that?) or fall victim to them, to their machinations, inclinations and ideological aspirations. We are now in this time, where capitalism has created these god-like entities. There literally think they are gods in a way, and in another way, they are.