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What is going on in Texas in regard to electricity is a real eye-opener to how bonkers it is to rely on renewable energy - pig ugly wind turbines and solar power.  They both broke down during the recent Texas freeze and as a consequence energy became scarce.  The price per kilowatt of energy shot through the roof as a result, to the extent it has wiped out people's life savings in just a few days.  Supposedly these people needed this energy to stay alive.  It is madness on an epic scale.  

People have become very rich off the back of this subsidised energy policy.  It is a very expensive way to garner energy and a very inefficient one too.  As for being 'green' it is anything but.  These monstrous wind turbines only have a life span of around 20 years.  During this time they need repairs.  AFTER this time though they are taken down AND BURIED!  I hate the bloody things.  They are sprouting up all over the place and are a real eyesore.  They are extremely damaging to wildlife directly and indirectly.  Directly by chopping flying things to bits and indirectly by the land that needs levelling, the electromagnetic waves that are produced all around them, the cabling and the substations along the way affecting all wild things that come into contact with them.  Sticking them offshore is expensive and also disrupts nature in the same way (life exists in the sea don't forget).  Away from line of sight maybe but resulting in miles and miles of cabling and further substations which is inefficient to say the least.

Texas is making people think more than twice about this renewable energy lark.  Sensible people have spoken out about this lunacy for years but have been ignored or faced slanderous accusations.  One cold snap and it all comes tumbling down killing people by the score.  

Nuclear is the way to go.  Using Chernobyl as an excuse to not build such plants is epic stupidity.  Nuclear plants these days are rock solid, reliable and safe.  If sufficient resources were made available (a fraction of the money afforded to renewables) Nuclear Fusion would be with us all the sooner (unlimited, clean energy).

We had better hope we don't face such cold weather conditions (who is to say we won't?) else Texas will become the norm even here.

$9 per kilowatt of energy!

Many of the Texans who have been reporting sky-high energy bills use Griddy, a utility company that charges a $10 monthly fee and, in exchange, sells electricity to consumers at wholesale prices, reports The New York Times. While this typically results in cheaper energy, it resulted in a dramatic price jump when energy became scarce and the Public Utilities Commission increased the maximum cost of energy to $9 per kilowatt-hour.

“I don’t feel like I’ve used $6,700 of electricity in the last decade,” DeAndré Upshaw, a Griddy customer whose utility bill exceeded $6,700 as a result of the winter weather event, told The New York Times. “That’s not a cost that any reasonable person would have to pay for five days of intermittent electric service being used at the bare minimum.”

“My savings is gone,” said Scott Willoughby, a 63-year-old retired veteran and Griddy customer who was reportedly charged $16,752. Willoughby told the Times he nearly drained his savings to pay the bill, commenting: “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Solar panels on houses - great. Nothing wrong with it, but to base all of a country's energy on the same systems or similar is just unworkable and extremely dangerous. It is a falsehood to state it can be done in the first place. It also relies on 2 variable conditions - the wind and sun, both of which are a law unto themselves as to when the wind is to blow and the sun is to shine.

But our government is committed to the same 'green' approach and intends to phase out all fossil fuel energy plants as soon as possible. New houses will soon be banned from including gas boilers, which means utter reliance on electricity for everything. It is scary and irresponsible in the extreme. These people are playing with all of our lives in an effort to appease the climate alarmists. It will mean higher bills all the more for some, for most. Well, let's hope there is some proof that the earth is warming as opposed to facing another ice age (they occur on a regular basis) because it could all go very wrong should snow and ice be our lot. Even the solar panels on the houses failed in Texas as the snow fell to such an extent they too were covered over.