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Who is Biden really? Who is pulling his strings? Who is speaking in his earpiece? The man is simply a front for others. A man placed into power by off-the-scale corruption more akin to a banana republic coup. The US is in dire straights and heading for absolute disaster. I see nothing good coming from Biden, or from those around him or behind him - absolutely nothing. The US is in the clutches of very dangerous people indeed. People with a quite terrible agenda.

According to Bruv Nath, it is the same people causing mayhem. It is always the same people according to him. The same people and their shills - their helpers and hangers-on. He has never deviated from this belief in all the time I have listened to him. I know one thing, he is a very well-informed man. Is he right to harbour such a grudge? Was he slighted as a child and now holds an immense grievance against them (he is one, don't forget)? Maybe, maybe not. Someone, some group of people, are definitely in charge or attempting to be of all things these days. Are they not all connected and are therefore the same? They are definitely gaining more and more power. Concentrating it all the more in the hands of just a few.

Bruv Nath might have some beef with his own kind, but I see maniacal levels of hatred from others, and such hatred is aimed at the likes of you and I. Long term systemic hatred that is becoming all the more heated each and every passing day.

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