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Arrogant Doctors?

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 11 Oct 2018 09:12 | Edited by: Admin 

Wanting some advice about a long standing injury I posted on a forum for FREE doctor's advice.  I stated my case, along with a few picture links, and received an answer ...

Is it too late to correct this chest breakage?

Great, at least someone had read my post, but I detected an air of arrogance.  I thought to myself what makes these people think they are above the rest of us?  They are just 'people' after all.

On this site is the 'News' section.  I prefer to use it over searching on Google as the results are laid out in a manner I find easier to read.  I entered a search for 'Arrogant Doctors' and there were plenty of results but one in particular caught my eye: 'A surgeon injured or killed so many of his patients that he was sentenced to life in prison — here's how it happened'.  Absolutely horrific reading.  As elsewhere the 'establishment' went to extraordinary lengths to hide any connection to malpractice or incompetence, with the fear of being sued pretty high on the list of reasons.

The Doctor mentioned above carried out life changing, bungled, surgical proceedings time and time again.  When hospitals became aware they got rid of him, but instead of firing him and causing unrest they allowed him to 'resign'.  This meant he just moved on to pastures new - and highly lucrative pastures new I might add for all concerned - including the body who provided him with employment as such a person is considered nothing more than a 'cash cow' capable of generating millions of dollars per year in revenue.

The Doctor I saw about my injury appeared aloof to me.  Pretty sure he fobbed me off with an x-ray belonging to someone else.  The is no way my injury wouldn't have been detected.  My suspicions were aroused when the x-ray machine never made a noise or lit up in anyway.  Something wasn't right that was sure and my chest isn't right either. 

Probably I'm being paranoid, but one thing I hate about any other is arrogance, where one person thinks they are in some exulted position of power over another.  After all in the UK Doctor's are not producers of wealth at all but are a drain on the economy if you think about it - unless they are in private medicine, and no-doubt if they are there is a chance they are in it for the wrong reasons. I certainly won't believe everything they say or take any medicine they might advise without question, after all look how many 'ill' people there are these days. 

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