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Minibb Forum Software Upgrade?

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 26 Aug 2020 12:02 | Edited by: Admin 
The new version of minibb forum is pretty impressive. I downloaded it and attempted to integrate the new design into this website. With all the alterations I have carried out this is not a particularly easy task, even so it went well enough - or seemed to.

The whole point of the upgrade was to make use of the excellent responsive design minibb now has going for it. Trouble is, I had already made my own minibb forum responsive whilst inside the rest of the site design. All a bit of a mess when I attempted it again with the new minibb design.

Oh well. I am happy with the way this site looks and behaves. I can also alter it again (and no-doubt I will) as I go along.


PS ...
My next task is to include a shop

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