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DAILY 2018

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A busy day - coding wise

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#1 | Posted: 26 Sep 2018 21:17 | Edited by: Admin 
I like messing around with code, and especially so with trying out and implementing new scripts. Last night I decided to add Chat to this site. After trying out software I used a few years ago - Ajax Chat - there were a few issues which would have proven rather difficult to fix - the lack of sound for one thing. The lack of sound was due to browsers no longer supporting Flash. Due to the complexity of the problem I thought to try other chat software out instead. I eventually settled for Blab (a more in-depth write-up will be found in Coding shortly).

The above has more or less kept me occupied all day. In fact I'm writing this with sleepy eyes. Bed early for me tonight. Harry Potter to the rescue (reading the whole series from scratch once again).

I did one thing that wasn't related to websites and that was to reapply Domestos to the troublesome tree stump. Seems the wood is already going mushy. I will use a paint brush tomorrow and cover all the cut-back, exposed branches too. I really need to kill the tree before it brings my wall down.
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