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DAILY 2018

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September Daily / September /  

25th September - A Sunny Day

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 25 Sep 2018 08:38 | Edited by: Admin 
My Night ...
Bit of a restless night with some somewhat disturbing dreams. Enough of that!

My Shares
Shares have dipped this morning - Solgold shares that is. Not dipped by much though. The share price is bound to dip after such a meteoric rise in the last week or so. Share prices rise then drop somewhat to consolidate only to rise again to a new high should the shares be of sufficient value. Sometimes the share price runs too fast becoming out of breath, only to take a breather and rush forward again. I hope this is the case with Solgold as I think there is plenty of rushing ahead in the pipeline. Prospex share price, on the other hand, is going no-where at the moment - totally dead in the water.

I have rigged up a couple of pages to help keep an eye on the share prices - REAL TIME prices

(The URLs below refresh every 30s)
Prospex Share Price
Solgold Share Price

(the link below reloads forum chat - might not work for tablets or phones)
Solgold Chat

Off To A Good Start
Already carried out some work this morning by creating a new Coding section on this website. Will be very handy for me to keep a record of all the code changes I carry out on various websites I have on the go - this one included.

Just ordered a 750ml of Exterior, White, Weatherproof Paint for the princely sum of £14.10. The outside roof boards need to be cleaned off and painted as there is lot of flaking going on at the moment.

Enough here for now. More to follow no-doubt.
Website Designer

Author Admin

#2 | Posted: 25 Sep 2018 16:04 
Gardening ...
Decided to get stuck in to my very overgrown garden today. I had bought some strimmer wire some time ago so it was time to put it to the test. Did well, but maybe I was asking a it too much of it as the grass was VERY long and also wet. Still, I managed to cut it back a certain amount. Amazing how the garden has reverted back to a wilderness since the last time it was tidied up. And then there is the tree!

A tree has decided to take root in my stone wall - believe it or not. A while ago I hammered a load of copper nails into it. A fat lot of good that did. I think the tree ate them. I had cut it right back, but all that has happened is a load of new branches sprouted. The tree is as vigorous as ever. After searching for an answer to my dilemma I went with the 'bleach' method. This meant I cut all the new branches off then drilled a load of holes which I filled up with very thick Domestos. I need to keep replenishing the supply of Domestos for as long as it takes, apparently, which could be a week or 2-5 - who knows? If I don't kill the tree then it will cause the wall to collapse. I was surprised at how much damage to the wall there already is.

Shares Update!
Solgold share price is dropping back some. This is to be expected as no share price can keep rising in such a manner without taking a break (consolidating). At times like this I wonder whether I should have sold when it was higher, but I would then have the quandary of when to buy back in. Taxing if nothing else. In for a penny in for a pound by the looks of it. Going by the previous rise the pattern is very similar. With the next bit of good news the stock should rise substantially once again. Once it gets back into the 40s I will be looking to sell at some point. I must admit though how much patience I show with regard to shares as I was far from being so at first.

Website Designer

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