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DAILY 2018

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September Daily / September /  

Interesting start to the day

Author MKJ

#1 | Posted: 24 Sep 2018 09:55 | Edited by: MKJ 

I have a few shares with a company called Solgold. These shares have been languishing for at least 8 months. I bought them when I knew little about shares and how the whole process works. I was extremely naive at this point and vulnerable. Thankfully, over a period of a few months, of wheeling and dealing I came out on top, but then buying into Solgold and Prospex Oil & Gas effectively put paid to any more speculation as both fell off the edge of the cliff.

I bought in with Solgold at an average price of 31p. At the beginning of this month the price had fallen to 20p! I was losing the shirt off my back at this point. Still, there was a lot of talk on the forums - positive talk, that a change of fortune was on the cards - and they were right! Solgold is currently trading at 38, with a major spike taking place in the last week. I am well in profit at this point. As for Prospex - no joy. Between the gain with Solgold and the loss with Prospex I am barely breaking even.
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