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Implementing minibb site maps with cron update on MAMP

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 30 Sep 2018 08:20 | Edited by: Admin 
This works as long as long as the 'Keyword Rich URL' plugin hasn't been implemented.

Step 1: create a sitemap php creation file in the root of your website. Name it anything you want.

Single Forum Code PHP File

Multiple Forum Code PHP File
(3 forum installations on this site hence 3 sitemaps required)

Step 2: create the necessary text file(s) the above code requires in the root of your domain.

Step 3: alter the permissions on the text file so it is writeable - 666 might well do it on some servers (not necessary on MAMP).

Step 4: run the file off its URL to check it is working.


Using the mac Terminal carry out these steps

Step 1: type crontab -e

Step 2: press the key i (for insert)

Step 3: enter this line ...

0 */3 * * * curl URL of your sitemap creation file here, including http://

Step 4: press ESC to close down insert

Step 5: type shift ZZ to exit from cron

Press Shift ZZ to exit

You can check the entry by typing contab -l (lowercase L).

To run a check on the above you can alter the cron code to this ...

*/2 * * * * curl URL of your sitemap creation file here, including http://

Close cron and check the sitemap text file after 2 mins has passed. If successful alter the code back to what it was.

Handy website to work out cron intervals ...

If everything is right and proper you should now have a forum sitemap being created every 3 hours (alter to suit).

Handy website to work out cron intervals ...


Include a line such as this ...

SITEMAP: URL of your sitemap file including http://

This site's robots.txt file ...

Website Designer

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