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Coding 2018

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Forum upgrades carried out

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 14 Oct 2018 20:05 | Edited by: Admin 
I have been very busy these last few days upgrading the forums with these packages ...

Creates a headline for sections of a post
Colour Picker
The ability
to change font colours
Medium - Large - XLarge Text
My own coding this. Text can be enlarged WITHIN sentences.
Full Size Picture Insert
The ability to add a picture without creating a thumbnail
YouTube & Vimeo & Bitchute Video Embed
Add videos by the use of the video URL. Bitchute was my own coding.
Upload A File
Add files and pictures directly into a post
Attach Files
Attach files and images which appear at the bottom of the post. I have made it so ALL images are entered into a Gallery script and will display within it.
Lots of smilies to choose from and add to a post
Private Messaging
Message other forum users
Email Users
Email other forum users
Posts can be previewed before publishing
Add an avatar to your profile
Add a signature to your profile which will appear below your posts
Who Is Online
Who is visiting shows on the bottom of the forum
YouTube search with BBCode embed code
Search for YouTube videos and easily acquire forum embed code
Website Designer

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