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Using MAMP LIVE and protecting PHPMYADMIN

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 29 Sep 2018 11:13 | Edited by: Admin 
This was not hard for me to set up. I have been running my own home server for years so I knew the steps I needed to take.

First of all you need a static IP Address. As my internet provider is Plusnet this was not at all difficult to acquire. For a few £s they altered my account so that my IP Address remained the same - as it has done for years now. Best to check if YOUR internet can provide you with a static IP Address (if not there is a workaround for this - will write about this later). The next step was to access the modem admin and assign my computer to be a 'HTTP Server (World Wide Web)' application. These steps I have outlined with pictures below.


Step 1: Accessing The Modem Admin
Plusnet Modem Admin Address

Step 2: Modem Landing Page (press 'Advanced Options')
Plusnet Modem Landing Page

Step 3: Modem Login Page
Modem Login Page

Step 4: Home Network Listing on 1st Page (choose the Mac)
Modem Admin Access 1st Page

Home Network Selected from left menu (optional)
Home Network Selected

Step 5: My Mac Chosen From List
Mac Pro Selected

Step 6: Configure Chosen From Top Right Menu
Configure Mac

Step 7: Always use the same IP address' ticked and applied
Config Applied Mac

Step 8: Assign A Game of Application Selected & Applied
Assign A Game of Application

After the above it is time to sort out the MAMP server port settings. Again, very easy to do. These steps were as follows ...


Step 1: MAMP Preferences - Altering Port Settings to 80 & 3306
Port Settings


BEFORE opening your MAMP server to the World Wide Web it is a good idea to protect access to phpmyadmin else ANYONE can open it and alter your database (if you are using one that is). These few steps will help with this matter ...

Step 1: Locate 'Alias /phpMyAdmin' found in /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf file

Disable both phpmyadmin Alias entries and replace with a name to suit you (see pic). If you want to change the capitals of the word in anyway (same name but an alternative word construction) then add another line below.
New Name

Step 2: Alter the same file to block access to phpmyadmin to anyone bar those on your mac or home network.
Change the block of code related to phpmyadmin (found underneath Step 1) from 'Allow from all' to 'Allow from IP Address here (or just 2 sections to allow other home network users access - see pic).
Home Users

The above 2 steps will make it a heck of a lot harder for anyone to gain access to phpmyadmin bar for your home network users (or just yourself if you chose to use the complete IP Address).

To access phpmyadmin, once the above has been implemented, you will need to use your home IP Address (192.168 and so on - found when altering your modem settings) and the name of your choice you applied above, for example: (made up).


The above allows access to your MAMP server through your IP Address. This means you can run ONE website only. To run more than one website you will need to tweak the vhosts file. I will write further on this as my own MAMP is currently running multiple websites off the one IP Address.
Website Designer

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