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Setting up a cron job on my mac

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#1 | Posted: 28 Sep 2018 06:39 | Edited by: Admin 
I recently installed Blab chat on my MAMP server (this site - see chat). Seems to work great. There is an issue though with guest names in that all created names are stored in the database. Once created the name cannot be used again until it is removed from the database. There is a cron php file in the script to alter the database at regular intervals to sort this matter out. All I had to do was setup a cron job on my Mac Pro which is running the MAMP server software. How to do this? Step in Terminal ...

On Macs there is a script called 'Terminal' which can be found in the Applications / Utilities folder. These are the steps I took using Terminal to setup my cron job ...

1. crontab -e
2. Pressing i to enter insert mode
3. *2/ * * * * curl /Applications/MAMP/blab/cron.php
4. Pressing esc
5. Typing ZZ (capitols)
6. crontab -l (lowercase L)

1: to setup cron
2. to be able to insert commands
3. my cron job, set to run every 2 mins to check whether it was working or not
4. to escape cron insert
5. to escape cron
6. to check on whether my job is listed

I did try to use wget and an URL, but on checking the wget command it was apparent wget wasn't installed. Curl, on the other hand, did work using a direct path to the cron file instead. Once I could see my cron job was working (by checking the database) I altered my cron job to run once per hour like this ...

1 * * * * curl /Applications/MAMP/blab/cron.php

Seems to be working fine.

Handy website to work out cron intervals ...
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