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The Car You Desire? Cars / The Car You Desire? /  

The Mercedes S Class

Author Admin

#1 | Posted: 15 Oct 2018 19:15 | Edited by: Admin 
I have been casting my eye over this model for a while now. A very expensive car in its time, but you can pick up a 2000-2005 model for literally peanuts. The model I am interested in is the 3.2 diesel model with all the bells and whistles. As far as I can make out rust could well be a problem on some, especially around the wheel arches. Then again if anything goes wrong with them I should think it will not be a cheap fix, but how many have found their way to the scrap yard? I should think there are plenty of spare parts on places like Ebay and the like.

A big car like this doesn't really bother me too much with regard to the running costs as I hardly go anywhere. A year's mileage for me is just a few thousand and become less so. Still, I appreciate quality and to drive a car initially costing £50-75000 for such a low sum of money does appeal. Another great thing about them is they are supposedly economical. This again is something that appeals to me. I might not drive very far these days but I still dislike wastage.

Such cars as these can be picked up between £1000-£3000. Peanuts really. As long as I bought one that is reasonably sound then it should in theory stay in such a condition with very little outlay over the year.

I'm keeping my eyes open . A nice one appeared on Gumtree today. Low price but located in Dundee! Bit too far for me to travel. There are plenty of others. I prefer the black leather interior myself though over the light coloured versions.

Mercedes S Class

Plenty more where the above came from ...

Gumtree Mercedes S Class Search

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