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A Few Words

MKJ Brainwaving was originally a place to post my daily nonsense. I have reconsidered this approach though and instead the forums are now open to registration. I don't suppose many will join as it is very difficult for people to move away from the established social programs out there such as Facebook so the site is still sticking to my original idea of purpose. The fact I couldn't find my 'stuff' on Facebook after a period of time prompted me to create this site in fact. Now I can refer to my past musings quite easily.

Forum Sections

  • Books: reading is where it is at
  • Cars: my extensive coding endeavours
  • Coding: my extensive coding endeavours
  • Computers: something I know a fair bit about
  • Daily: my daily thoughts on all sorts
  • Health: we all need to pay attention to it
  • Home: I have one and it needs attention
  • Money: makes the world go around!
  • Movies: there are some good films out there
  • Music: got to have some every so often
  • News: a handy search script - helps focus
  • Politics: always interesting though contentious in nature
  • Shopping: working shop related scripts I am developing
  • Society: thoughts on our evolving society
  • Travel: I tend to buy stuff at times
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May 2018
  • Latest Daily Post 2018-10-11 14:37:04 ...

    My Birthday

  • Latest Health Post 2018-10-11 09:12:06 ...

    Arrogant Doctors?

    Wanting some advice about a long standing injury I posted on a forum for FREE doctor's advice.  I stated my case, along with ...


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Latest Story

    2020-05-24 09:32:07

    The Dream Village

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    2018-10-16 08:15:46

    Videos made to be responsive

    Bit annoying when the videos are too large to fit a tablet screen. With the alterations b...